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Our Company

Rent a car in Rosselot our main objective is to offer our customers an excellent, full service leasing vehicles. We wish to accompany them on all routes and destinations so you can get anywhere on wheels. And what better supported by a prestigious brand in Chile.

With over 35 years of experience and under the gaze of Rosselot lords, who maintain the vision and accept the mission to further develop Rosselot companies with more than ten brands of vehicles on concession, comprehensive own workshops and marking the essence of a family with soul to create and operate for the benefit of those who prefer us have accompanied and supported for many years to our clients in expanding their business and travel routes.



Our company was founded on October 2, 1978, as a society “Gerardo Rosselot y Cia. Ltda. “Occupying the fancy name” Bert rent a car “, with the goal of developing a high-quality sales and rental cars.
Our growth inspired us to bring to market the name of our founder, positioning in the market as “Rosselot rent a car”.

On December 3, 1985 constitutes the Rosselot Company and Figueroa Ltda. Company that is dedicated exclusively to vehicle rental. Since then we have gained experience and prestige, becoming a major national company in the field.



In Rosselot rent a car, a comprehensive high quality service is provided by combining a good
product with a direct attention and executive excellence, which are necessary to provide greater value to our customers, 24/7 or road, the key to creating trust of our customers to our service.

As client Rosselot rent a car, you have a range of services related to transport vehicles. We organize and facilitate leases for business trips or cargo. At the same time, we provide constant information related to our industry, its products and services.
Just as importantly creating more human teams for many years are now part of our growth and our foundation, always focused on delivering a personalized attention and different context.

Some of the items that have deposited their
Rosselot confident rent a car, are:

  • Research institutes
  • Telcos
  • Mining Companies
  • Government Institutions
  • Utilities
  • Pharmaceutical and hospital industries
  • Financial institutions
  • Banks
  • Educational establishments
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Travel agencies and tourism
  • Hotels
  • Strategic alliances with banks
  • Armed wings
  • Compensation funds
  • Insurance and assistance companies

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